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You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky.

Amelia Earhart

Blackbushe Aviation offers a variety of all-inclusive introductory flying packages together with a range of speciality flights. For all of these we provide a gift voucher for the recipient and a certificate on completion of the flight.

We use a Cessna 152 as our two seat aircraft and a Piper Archer as our four seat aircraft; the latter allows the voucher holder to bring another person, or possibly two others, depending on weight, along with them for the ride.

The prices are fully inclusive of landing fees, instruction, third party insurance and club membership for the duration of the flight. If you are buying a voucher online for someone else, please note their name in "note to seller" on the paypal page and please include a contact telephone number.

Taster Flight
This package consists of a pre-flight briefing conducted in the classroom, or the aircraft, followed by a 20 minute taster flight with one of our qualified flight instructors in a Cessna 152.

Taster Flight £95.00    Buy Now


The 30 or 60 minute Air Experience Flight
This package consists of a pre-flight briefing conducted in the classroom, or the aircraft, followed by a 30 or 60 minute introductory flying lesson with one of our qualified flight instructors. In either case you get a chance both to fly the aircraft and to enjoy the view.

  30 Minutes 45 minutes 60 Minutes
Two seat aircraft (C152) £115.00    Buy Now £160.00    Buy Now £210.00    Buy Now
PS28 Cruiser (glass cockpit) £135.00    Buy Now £190.00    Buy Now £250.00    Buy Now
Four seat aircraft (PA28) £140.00    Buy Now £200.00    Buy Now £260.00    Buy Now

Going for a Spin
This flight is for those who find the basic air experience a little tame. The spin in the Cessna 152 is completely safe and fun! Your experienced instructor will first talk you through the various stages of the spin entry and recovery and then, having climbed the aircraft to a suitable height, will send it tumbling earthwards in a spin before recovering to level flight.

30 Minutes Cessna 152 with a spin £120.00    Buy Now


Aerobatics Experience
The ultimate thrill for those with a sense of adventure, or friends and family with a mean streak, the 30-minute aerobatic experience is flown with a qualified aerobatics instructor in our Cessna 152 Aerobat. Enjoy the exhilaration of looping the loop, a barrel roll, a stall turn and a spin then back to boast about it to friends and family. Please note there is a height and weight limit for aerobatic flights. 6' 2" (188cm) and 14 stone (89kg).

30 Minutes Aerobatics in Cessna 152 Aerobat £130.00    Buy Now


Aerobatic Special
We have been asked to offer a longer Aerobatic flight - so here it is - The Aerobatic Special for those who wish to do a 'normal' trial lesson but with the thrill of the Aerobatic experience thrown in, learn the controls and fly the 'plane, then let your instructor show you what can be done. Please note there is a height and weight limit for aerobatic flights. 6' 2" (188cm) and 14 stone (89kg).

60 Minute Air Experience including Aerobatics in Cessna 152 Aerobat £225.00    Buy Now


Land Away Specials
Due to demand we are now offering land aways. These consist of a flight with a landing at another airfield and then returning to Blackbushe. We brief you first, as with the other trial lessons, and you have the chance to try your hand at flying but with the added bonus of being able to experience a landing at another airfield, often on grass (allowing for suitability). An experience for those looking for a little more... or who have had a 'normal' air experience and want to go again but with a bit of difference!

Land away White Waltham or Fairoaks (2 x 30min flight) Goodwood (2 x 45min Flight)
Two seat aircraft C152 £215.00    Buy Now £260.00    Buy Now
Four seat aircraft
PA28 Archer
£250.00    Buy Now £310.00    Buy Now


Land away Alderney, Channel Islands (2 x 1h 30min flights for 2 people) Le Touquet, France (2 x 1h 30 min flights for 2 people)
Four seat aircraft
PA28 Archer
£780.00    Buy Now £780.00    Buy Now

PPL Starter Packages

For those who are seriously considering continuing on to obtain their Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) we offer several starter packages to help you on your way. These are:

Flying Start Package (1.5 hours)
Our Flying Start package is designed to get you started on your training towards the issue of your very own Private Pilot's Licence. It comprises two 45 minutes lessons, taught by one of our friendly and experienced instructors, taking you through the initial stages of the PPL course. As with all our introductory packages the price is fully inclusive of landing fees, instruction, third party insurance and club membership for the duration of the flights.

PPL Starter Package (5 hours)
The ultimate introductory package, this option provides five hours of flight training to get you well on your way towards the issue of your Private Pilot's Licence. In addition to five hours of training the package includes your own pilot's logbook and aircraft checklist and of course all landing fees, instruction, third party insurance and club membership for the duration of the package.

Solo Wings Package (15 hours)
A wonderful package, to take you from novice to captain of a light aircraft on your first solo flight, a true achievement! The package consists of 15 hours flight training, Landing Fees, Checklist, Logbook, Club Membership for the duration of the training, Air Law, Operational Procedures and Human Performance in Aviation books and exams, Fuel Tester, Hi-vis jacket and a flight bag to keep it all in, everything you need to attain your first solo in one package - and a certificate to prove it!

A milestone in your flight training.

  Flying Start Package PPL Starter Package Solo Wings
Two seat aircraft £300.00    Buy Now £1000.00    Buy Now £3100.00    Buy Now
Four seat aircraft £360.00    Buy Now £1200.00    Buy Now £3650.00    Buy Now

Monthly evening seminars at Blackbushe Aviation
We are starting regular monthly seminars at Blackbushe Aviation every third Wednesday of the month starting Weds 17 Jan @18:00 with local flying procedures. Blackbushe is close to Heathrow and Gatwick airspace and also right next to Farnborough with many airfields nearby such as Fairoaks, While Waltham, Odiham, Lasham etc.
I will be presenting on local procedures at the Bushe followed by one of our FISOs to give their take on it. We will then have a controller from Farnborough to discuss local flying using their radar services.
Free to members (join us!) or £5 for non members.
Trial lessons down in price
Two seater trial lessons now £5 off. Landaway trail lessons to Goodwood slashed by £70. Call for details or purchase online. > more
Slingsby Firefly joins the fleet!
We have a new aircraft in our fleet; a beautiful Slingsby Firefly G-CIKS. Book a flight now! > more
New 45 minute trial lessons from £165
New to Blackbushe Aviation! 45 minute trial lessons. This gives you time to really get to grips with the aircraft and experience a full lesson. Lessons initially last around 45 minutes flight so you will have a good idea what the PPL course will be like. Prices from £165 all inclusive. > more
Blackbushe Aviation Clothing Range now in stock!
Our NEW Blackbushe Aviation clothing range is now available to purchase in our shop!

Flight Bag - £15
HiVis - £15
Hat - £10
Pen - £1.50
BBA/Remove before Flight keyring - £5

Whilst stocks last! > more
Online booking system now LIVE
Online booking system is now LIVE

> more
New 2017 Charts out now
The New Half Mil Southern Charts (Edition 43) are out now.  They contain a few changes including some new VRPs, radio mandatory zones and small changes to airspace around the South Coast.
£15 as usual. > more