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The Instrument Rating (IR) allows a pilot to fly an aircraft under IFR with a minimum decision height of 200ft (60m).

An applicant for an IR(A) shall hold a PPL(A) including a night qualification or CPL(A) and shall have completed at least 50 hours cross-country flight time as Pilot in Command in aeroplanes.

An applicant for an IR(A) must have completed the theoretical course of instruction (at least 200 hours) and must have passed the theoretical knowledge written examinations.

The IR is a rating you can get for single or multi engine aircraft. The course consists of:

Single-Engine IR(A)
At least 50 hours instrument time under instruction of which up to 35 hours may be instrument ground time in an FNPTII simulator.

Multi Engine IR(A)
At least 55 hours instrument time under instruction of which up to 40 hours may be instrument ground time in an FNPTII simulator. The remaining instrument flight instruction shall include at least 15 hours in Multi Engine aeroplanes.

Note: The holder of a CPL(A) may have the total amount of training required for the IR(A) reduced by 10 hours.

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Full Time Flying Instructors Wanted


We are a thriving flying school and club with an exciting growth plan. We have ATO status for PPL, CPL and FI courses and will soon be approved to conduct IR and Multi training.

We are looking for a full or part time unrestricted Flying Instructors to work with us on our expansion plans. The successful candidates will be motivated, friendly, professional and enjoy working with a broad range of students. CPL, IR and Multi instructor certificates would be very helpful too!


Phone Steve, CFI, on 01252 877727 for a chat.

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